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Implants are applied for the treatment of tooth deficiencies that occur due to many reasons that cause problems in oral and dental health or due to trauma or problems such as impacts and blows. An implant can be defined as a titanium screw applied in the treatment of missing teeth and placed in the jawbone. The main function of the implant is to act as a tooth root, and after its placement, a dental prosthesis is added to fill the missing teeth.

Implant treatment can be applied at an early age. It is possible to apply appropriate implant treatment for every patient over the age of 18 who has a good general health condition, has completed the development of the jaw and face. Patient condition is also an important factor to ensure successful treatment. As a result of the examinations to be made in our clinic, the most suitable implant treatment for you or the treatment of other oral and dental health problems will be applied.

The experience of the specialist who performs the application is extremely important in order to get a definite result after the implant treatment and to complete the treatment successfully. Tooth deficiencies, one of today’s common problems, are directly related to habits from a young age. Digestive problems, improper oral and dental care, poor diet and bad habits are the factors that are effective in tooth loss.

In the application of implant treatment, it is in the first place in losses due to traumas and blows. Tooth deficiencies are an important factor in the decline of a person’s quality of life. On the other hand, it is known that it has psychological effects such as self-confidence. After the implant application, both the person’s having natural-looking healthy teeth and the smile aesthetics are an important element in terms of increasing the quality of life.

The most important among the advantages of implants is to have healthy teeth. The extent of the discomfort experienced even in the slightest toothache or pain is known by everyone. In implant treatment applied after tooth loss, many different benefits and advantages can be mentioned, especially such advantages. The advantages of implant treatment are briefly as follows:

  • Dental implants, which consist of three separate parts, can easily be changed in case of potential problems.
  • It is in natural and full harmony with the patient.
  • It keeps the jawbone healthy.
  • It ensures successful performance of chewing functions.
  • It increases self-confidence by presenting a beautiful smile.

Implant treatment harms are negligible. Considering the general evaluations, it is stated that these minor disadvantages will not constitute an obstacle to the application of implant treatment due to its advantages. Different undesirable results can be seen in almost all treatments. The general condition, genetic characteristics and structure of the patient are effective in the emergence of these problems. You can get support from our specialist physicians who are experienced in the field of successful implant treatment.

Implant treatment stages consist of a few simple steps. It is aimed that patients will regain their old health in a short time and normalize their chewing, speaking and other skills. A different procedure and operation can be applied at each stage. In general, implant treatment consists of the following stages:

  • Inspection, planning and expectations.
  • Operation phase.
  • Expectation and observation of recovery times.
  • Placement of the implant.
  • Application of the prosthesis.

The implant healing process takes place in an average of 4 – 5 weeks. However, these periods may vary according to the scope of the treatment and the patient’s condition. In addition, the fact that patients do not comply with some of the factors to be considered after treatment is an important factor that will negatively affect the healing process. Recovery times generally seen in fracture cases will be seen for the dental implant to fuse with the bone. On average, it is expected that the healing will be completed within 8 – 12 weeks.

Implant side effects may occur due to incorrect applications, insufficient care after treatment and the patient’s condition. In our clinic, smooth operations are carried out according to the examinations and analyzes to be performed at the first stage against all these risks. Patients who are eligible for treatment regain their former health in a short time. However, in some cases, side effects are also possible. Among these side effects, the prominent ones are briefly as follows:

  • Problems to be experienced due to bacteria in the mouth,
  • Infection and inflammation
  • The body’s rejection of the implant,
  • In case of nervous problems, loss of sensation, pain and swelling, etc.

The question of whether implant treatment hurts is another issue that patients wonder before treatment. Contrary to popular belief, implant treatment is not a painful process, as is the case with many oral and dental treatments. Local anesthesia is applied to patients in implant treatment, which is a surgical procedure. In this way, the procedures are completed without the patients feeling any pain. Although mild regional pains may be felt after the anesthesia loses its effect after the application, these long-term pains will not continue.

In order to avoid any problems after the treatment, the patients must follow the rules that must be followed after the treatment. According to the recommendations given by your doctor, it is necessary to pay attention to such criteria in order to achieve healing in a short time, to get high efficiency from the implant treatment and not to experience any pain.

Implant prices vary due to many different factors, depending on the brand, quality, experience and expertise of the physician. On the other hand, different prices have emerged according to the type of implant. Some of the preferred implants within the scope of implant treatments are:

  • Intra-Bone Implant
  • Hard Tissue Grafting
  • Venerr Crown Implant etc.

Thanks to our clinic, you can benefit from the best price advantages according to the quality, brand and market conditions of the products to be preferred within the scope of implant removal or implant treatment. We always continue to be with you with all our services related to oral and dental health that you can choose to have strong and healthy teeth again.

Our clinic, where we provide implant service, is in Pendik, Istanbul, and we also help our patients who want to receive service from the surrounding cities and districts. Especially in recent years, with the development of dental technologies, people who have dental problems are researching Pendik implant dental treatment clinics in order to feel better and to protect their dental health. At this point, we continue to work with all our strength to provide you with the quality service you deserve with our expert and experienced staff.

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