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    What is Zirconium Coating?

    Zirconium dental veneer is a method used for the treatment of damage to adult teeth. It can be applied not only for the purpose of treatment, but also for aesthetic concerns. The process of thinning teeth that have decayed, broken or lost their function for any reason and then coating them with a substance called zirconium is called zirconium coating . It should be applied by specialist dentists, otherwise the patient may lose both money and health. Zirconium, which has a long period of use, is a method that requires regular follow-up.

    How Many Years Can Zirconium Coating Be Used?

    The average usage period of zirconium coating can be 20 years. However, this is only true if the treatment is done properly, and the patient has constantly performed dental care with controls. Zirconium, which offers the longest use compared to other coating techniques, provides an average of 10-14 years of use. When this process is carried out, the teeth should continue to be brushed regularly, and hard substances such as hazelnuts and walnuts should be broken and consumed with the teeth, although it is known that they have little effect on the teeth.

    Why is Zirconium Coating Preferred?

    Zirconium coating is preferred because the product is more functional than other coating methods. There are many reasons such as offering color options, longer lifespan, and more functional appearance.

    • Unlike other veneer techniques, the colors offered to the patient can be preferred to the natural tooth color in the longest way.
    • Although other coating techniques offer a few years of use, the ability of the zirconium material to remain in the patient’s mouth for an average of 15 years.
    • It is a very durable material and the amount of wear is minimal due to the smoothness on its surface.
    • Applicable to anyone over the age of 20
    • The application time is around 10 days on average and the material is easy to process

    Such properties can be said for zirconium coating . For this reason, zirconium is the most preferred type during coating. Considering the advantages it offers compared to other coating techniques, it is possible to say that it can be processed at higher costs.

    Is Zirconium Applied to All Age Groups?

    The age group to which zirconium will be applied was determined as 20 years old and over when examined based on the recommendation of the physicians. However, just after the age of 20, there is no serious aesthetic problem, tooth loss; It is not recommended to perform the procedure in the absence of caries or any breakage in the tooth. The application of the procedure in children is definitely not recommended. The loss of milk teeth and then the treatment of the new teeth will affect the health negatively.

    In addition, in cases where there is no problem in terms of dental and gingival health in older age groups, the patient is encouraged to turn to alternative treatment techniques.

    How is Zirconium Coating Process Done?

    Zirconium coating processes are carried out within the framework of doctor and patient cooperation. After visiting the dentist, the procedures proceed as follows.

    • In the examination made after the visit to the doctor, damage to the teeth is detected, caries and fractures are evaluated.
    • If it is decided to cover with zirconium material in line with the information and suggestion given by the physician to the patient, the application steps are started.
    • With the reduction process to be performed on the patient’s teeth, the teeth are shaved and their measurements are taken.
    • The teeth sent to the appropriate laboratories are reshaped according to the patient’s dimensions and brought to the practice within an average of 1 week.
    • It is first applied as a paste to determine whether it will show a reaction after it is applied to the patient.
    • If it is found appropriate in the examination after an average of 10 days, the teeth are fixed in order to use them for years.

    Can Zirconium Veneers Whiten Teeth?

    Zirconium coating teeth whitening process is not preferred because of the smooth and velvety structure of zirconium. Zirconium, which offers 10-15 years of use if the doctor’s recommendations are followed exactly after the procedure, is a stain-proof material. However, in case of excessive sensitivity in the teeth due to misuse, discoloration due to cigarettes and other substances, whitening can also be applied to zirconium-coated teeth with simple techniques to be applied during the examination.

    As long as substances such as coffee are not consumed excessively, they do not cause color change in the teeth. The reason why zirconium is preferred more than other coating materials is its colorfastness and natural appearance. The procedure is not painful, only tingling may be felt.

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