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They are also preferred as an aesthetic solution because they provide a comfortable use. Implant surgery is performed by a specialist dentist and is performed under local or general anesthesia

Various problems such as root tip resections, fractures or dislocations in the jaw area, tumor or cyst formations are solved within the scope of maxillofacial surgery

All kinds of traumas that occur in the gums are the subject of this field and related improvements are carried out by specialist physicians. After a planned treatment, many patients get rid of their problems by keeping their oral and dental health under control

After the loss of the tooth, the person may have problems in speaking, chewing problems, and this may not create an aesthetically appropriate appearance. After the tooth cannot be restored by various methods, prosthetic tooth treatment can be applied

While planning smile aesthetic procedures, factors such as the structure of your teeth, lip structure, facial structure are examined and appropriate procedures are determined

It should be applied by specialist dentists, otherwise the patient may lose both money and health. Zirconium, which has a long period of use, is a method that requires regular follow-up.

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