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    What is a prosthetic tooth?

    Dental prosthesis application is a method applied immediately after the implant treatment to replace the missing tooth in cases where the patient experiences tooth loss. After the loss of the tooth, the person may have problems in speaking, chewing problems, and this may not create an aesthetically appropriate appearance. After the tooth cannot be restored by various methods, prosthetic tooth treatment can be applied. This means making a new tooth for the patient with laboratory techniques. During the procedure, the patient gets a new tooth.

    How Many Types of Dentures Are There?

    There are two types of dental prosthesis types . These species are; can be called fixed and mobile.

    Fixed Prostheses

    Fixed prostheses classified within themselves are applied when the patient’s tooth is suitable but insufficient for the procedure. A crown is developed to reuse the patient’s tooth by removing the crown and bridge application. The prosthesis applied to the patient’s tooth cannot be removed by the patient. This applies when the condition of the tooth is not considered ‘very bad’ by the dentist. At this stage, laminated or zirconium can be used. The tooth color is chosen close to the bone color of the patient and the prosthesis to be made can be used for a long time.

    Removable Prostheses

    Removable prostheses occur when the person’s jaw structure and tooth condition are not suitable for fixed prosthesis. At this stage, support can be obtained from other teeth, and a tooth must be made from scratch in the laboratory to fill the existing gap. At this stage, acrylic total prosthesis that can be applied to both palates can be used, as well as prostheses can be applied to temporarily eliminate the aesthetic problem of the patient. Removable prostheses can be removed by the patient. Most often this type is known as a denture. It can be done as one piece, or it can be applied for all teeth in case of loss of all teeth in the mouth.

    How Is Prosthetic Teeth Applied?

    Prosthetic tooth application is carried out considering the mouth structure of the patient. For denture application ;

    • The patient’s intraoral condition is evaluated and a consensus is reached on whether to apply the implant in accordance with the tooth structure.
    • If the patient has tooth loss and prosthesis application will be made, a consensus is reached with the patient for fixed or removable prosthesis by looking at the condition of the teeth.
    • After this stage, the patient’s own tooth can be removed and a prosthesis can be created with the veneer method, or a treatment method that will take 1-2 months on average with implant treatment.

    How Is Prosthetic Teeth Care Done?

    Dental prosthesis care must be regular. After the procedure, you will have to regularly evaluate the condition of your teeth by visiting your doctor at least once every 6 months. It is necessary to brush the teeth regularly, to clean the places that the toothbrush cannot reach by using dental floss when necessary, to stay away from substances that cause color and damage to the teeth, such as alcohol, coffee.

    In cases where these conditions are not taken into consideration, the use of prosthesis can lead to serious problems. Infections that will occur in the mouth, bad odor that will occur in the breath due to the presence of laboratory products in the mouth are among these conditions.

    Above What Age Can It Be Applied?

    The age limit for prosthetic teeth can be specified as 18 and above. Prosthetic tooth application is rarely seen in young people. Most of the time, the tooth is not worn out due to age, and it can be treated with alternative treatment methods. In addition, fixed prosthesis can be applied with veneer methods in advanced cases in young people. However, in cases where there are quite advanced cases, tooth development must be completed in order to apply prosthesis to young individuals.

    Prosthesis is not applied in children. 20 years and older should be waited for this application to be made in young people. A prosthetic tooth is a method applied when the tooth cannot be saved. In cases where the tooth is not in bad condition and there is no deficiency, prosthesis is not applied.

    Prosthetic Teeth Application Prices

    The cost of prosthetic teeth varies according to many factors. The highest fees in dentistry are due to this treatment. Accordingly, the cost of prosthetic teeth may vary according to the following factors.

    • How many teeth will be prosthesis application?
    • The nature of the material to be used during the prosthesis
    • Which of the types used as mobile or fixed will be applied?
    • Whether it can be done together with implant treatment
    • How long will the treatment period be?
    • How serious will it be?
    • Experience of the practicing physician
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