Smile Aesthetics

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    What is Smile Aesthetics?

    Smile aesthetics are the procedures performed to bring a person’s smile to an aesthetic state by applying a combination of multiple procedures. Among these processes, there are processes such as zircon coating, gingival treatment, bridge, lip shaping. These personalized procedures are not only valid for cases where the teeth are unhealthy. In order to have an aesthetic smile, these applications can also be made in people who do not have health problems in their teeth. After the scans performed under the control of the physician, appropriate treatment and procedure can be applied.

    While planning smile aesthetic procedures, factors such as the structure of your teeth, lip structure, facial structure are examined and appropriate procedures are determined. For a more aesthetic smile, it is recommended to consult your dentist and proceed in a controlled manner.

    How is Smile Aesthetics Performed?

    Since the procedures will take place in a few sessions, it starts with a detailed scan of your dentist, and there may be details in your teeth that you do not see but that the doctor will examine. Problems that may occur related to gingiva and teeth are discussed and analyzed in detail. When the appropriate condition for your oral and dental health is provided, treatment and procedures are started. If there are any gingival problems and only dental problems, the process is started after the necessary surgical and orthodontic interventions. This process may delay the procedures that can be done for smile aesthetics.

    What Should Be Considered While Having Smile Aesthetics?

    • The person to be treated must have completed the development of their mouth and teeth.
    • It is based on the fact that people who have completed their tooth development at an early age are not deemed appropriate to perform early procedures in the aesthetic protocol.
    • It is envisaged to start these processes after the problems that may occur or are not seen below are eliminated.

    How Much Are Smile Design Prices?

    Smile aesthetic applications , which are increasing in popularity, vary from patient to patient in terms of price. In our clinics, price determination is made after the patient-specific treatment planning.

    In smile design, more than one operation can be done at the same time, as well as a single operation. Depending on this situation, prices may increase or decrease.

    If you want to get a service that is safe and while protecting your budget, you can contact our clinic. You can take advantage of the service we offer at any time of the day for you.

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